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Dementia Care: Utilizing Visual Cues at Home


Visual cues are images or labels for specific objects and areas inside the house. They are utilized to help dementia patients find their way around without the risk of confusion.

Being a provider of dementia care, our homecare services in Illinois have had tons of experience caring for seniors living with this condition. Therefore, we can attest that when dementia becomes more severe, they often have difficulty reading words.

Making your own visual cues is easy. You can print images from the internet or buy stationery from your local arts and crafts store. Print images of objects and rooms most used by your loved one, such as dishware, their bedroom, the bathroom, certain clothes, furniture, and more.

After acquiring your images, laminate them in matte laminating plastic. Matte plastic prevents the images from getting dirty. Compared to regular laminating plastic, matte surfaces don’t create reflections when shined with light, which makes reading and recognition easy.

Next, place the labels at your senior’s eye level. Our homecare agency in Park Forest suggests keeping in mind their height and whether or not they’re using mobility devices, such as a wheelchair.

Add arrows pointing to certain areas of the house, as well as use a color-coding system. For example, orange for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, and yellow for the bedroom. In line with using arrows, paint or print orange arrows leading to the kitchen, so on and so forth. Basically, using visual cues helps create a sense of familiarity for your senior loved one, which in turn, gives them direction and guidance.

Lean On We Home Care also offers veterans care in Illinois, especially for veterans living with dementia or any related illnesses.

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