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Signs That Your Seniors Need Caregivers


Aging is a natural process of progressive change that begins in early adulthood. Aging is difficult for our elderly, especially if they have health issues or are veterans returning from battle.

It is difficult for many family members to see a senior loved one age and become unable to care for themselves or their home. Family members should also be vigilant and attentive to their elders since aging brings with it complications that are too much for your seniors to bear. Here are some indicators that your elderly require homecare services in Illinois:

  • Lack of personal hygiene
    If you notice your loved one has poor personal hygiene, such as foul breath or body odor, this might indicate that they are unable to care for their own personal requirements and that they need caregivers from your nearest homecare agency in Park Forest.
  • Fail hazards in the home
    Stairs, step-in bathtubs, uneven flooring, throw rugs, and clutter can increase the risk of falls, leading to big health problems.
  • Loneliness or signs of depression
    Loss of interest in activities, abrupt weight fluctuations, and distance from loved ones may suggest a desire for companionship.
  • Inability to perform daily tasks independently
    When your loved one is unable to do everyday chores such as housekeeping, errand running, and grooming.

It is important to pay attention to the needs of our seniors so we could immediately address their needs. Hiring a caregiver from the Lean On We Home Care services for your loved ones may safeguard them and help them age well and independently. We also offer veterans care in Illinois. For more information contact us at 708-248-5603 or 708-627-0363.

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